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Question: How do I register with Suba Games?

Answer: Go to our main page (Subagames.com) then Click on "Join Us", you will be required to fill out our registration form.
*Note: You will be required to validate your email to complete the registration process.

Question: Email already registered?

Answer: If you feel you are getting is message in error, please use our retrieve/lost password function and have your login ID and password emailed to you.
* Note: There is a limit of 1 email address that can be registered to an account.

Question: How do I cancel my Registration?

Answer: Suba Games is free to play gaming community portal and does not require any payment to keep your account activated. Please understand that once your account has been terminated you will lose all progress that was made to your account and will no longer be able to retrieve.

Question: How many accounts can I register?

Answer: We do not recommend the creation of multiple accounts and would advise people members to use a single account, but are more than welcome to create another account for separate purposes. (eg. mule accounts for storage, forum account)

Question: When can I play the games?

Answer: Once you make your account on the Subagames website you can use the account for any of our games!

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