The following section describes Suba Games Privacy Policy, as well as guidelines or rules set forth on the Suba Games website (the "Suba Games Site"), currently located at, or within a Suba Games game or community (the "Suba Games Game", together with Suba Games Site the "Suba Games Service"). All personal information, which is voluntarily given to Wicked Interactive Ltd. and Suba Games LLC (together "Suba Games") will not be issued, sold or redistributed to a third party in any way.

By registering and creating an account with Suba Games, you acknowledge that you agree to these rules and all other relevant rules and will abide by them regardless of the circumstances. In addition you also agree that these rules will apply to anyone that you allow to use your Suba Games' account or user ID. By allowing another user to use your account, you are personally responsible for all the consequences (including termination of your account) which may result, if the above discussed person violates any of the listed rules at any time you will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid by you.

Each player's computer establishes an active connection by utilizing a particular IP (Internet Protocol) address. This type of link to the servers may provide us with the following information: what part of the world the connection is linked to and who is the internet service provider of the player. The obtained information is only used for billing purposes by the website (

Further, you acknowledge that if your account and right to use the Suba Games' Service is terminated by Suba Games, or any affiliate of theirs for any reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of any kind.

Suba Games reserves the right to change rules and/or add new rules at any time. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check the Suba Games Site from time to time to review any rule(s) alterations that Suba Games may have made.

If you have any questions or comments, kindly contact Suba Games at the following address:

Attention: Privacy Policy Concern/Question
105 Gordon Baker Rd.
Suite 520
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M2H 3P8


[1.0] Account
An account is issued to a player in accordance with the account policy. This section of the document further discusses the legal actions which will be executed to an account due to any violation. Each account holder must respect all other players in a professional and courteous manner and is fully responsible for all violations incurred by his/her account.

[1.1] Warning
A warning is issued to a player for an offense which is considered a minor breaking of the games, forums, or other rules and may include minor illegal act the most common violation of which is due to lack of knowledge or harmless offense which may be easily prevented. This is a cautious response to the player to acknowledge that he/she has performed an act that is not allowed. If a similar act(s) is continued, second level of action will be conducted in accordance with the account policy, penalty items may be inserted into the offender's account, removal of specific items from the offenders account, removal of funds from the offenders account, or more sever actions may also be taken if deemed necessary. In some extreme cases, warnings may not be issued and immediate action may be taken against the account.

[1.2] Simple Suspension
A simple suspension of the account is issued to a player who has committed a violation for which he/she was previously warned. A simple suspension is used to remove the player off the server for a short period of time to ensure he/she understands the importance of a violation free environment.

[1.3] Extreme Suspension
A suspension that is lengthy in duration and applied to a violating account. This is often caused by a serious offense in accordance with Suba Games Terms and Conditions or the Forum Rules and Regulations. Extreme suspension is a consequence for situations where the offender may or may not have been warned numerous times and/or has been previously given a simple suspension.

[1.4] Account Closure
Account closure is by far the highest level of punishment to an active account. This course of action is utilized at situations where an offense may not be tolerated any further. In other words, the offender has far exceeded the point in which any warning and/or suspension is applicable. Upon completion of an account closure, the entire account may be permanently deleted as well as the offender is prohibited to attend any matters relating to the game. Hereafter, the account will not be revoked for any reason. Severe acts or a large accumulation of small acts may not receive any warnings and can lead to account closure immediately. Accounts related to the offender's account may also be banned depending on the circumstances that the original account was banned under.

[1.5] Chat Penalties
The chat window is a primary medium of communication amongst players. Currently, the chat window allows players to exchange information through multiple different levels which determine who may see the messages in respect to a range. These messages are constantly filtered for English only. However, players often find ways to send the message using distinct words and/or characters which do not get filtered. These players are at a risk of losing their privileges to chat altogether or face harsher consequences. Hence, it is very important to use appropriate terms of communication while respecting all other players rights at all times. Players who are identified as presenting offensive, inappropriate, aggressive, racial, discriminative, sexual, violent, or any other language we define as simply unacceptable may be warned at first, or immediately penalized in more extreme cases. If this behavior still continues, suspension of the offender's account or other penalties may be enforced.

[1.5.1] Levels of Communication
[A] Area Chats - Messages are visible to all players who are roaming around a certain range of the sender, in a party or part of clan or other related player groups respectively. Within these levels of chat, general terms that are widely accepted and used daily are acceptable since there is limitation for visibility of messages sent.
[B] Global / Trade Chats - Messages processed here are seen by everyone within the channel. Thus, players must abide by the rules discussed above in this level of chat; otherwise a punishment will be issued accordingly.
[C] Leadership or players with in-game authority - Messages processed here are seen by everyone within the nation regardless of ignore setting. Thus, players must abide by the rules discussed above in this level of chat; otherwise a punishment will be issued accordingly.
[D] In-Game Mail or Messaging - Letters processed here are seen only by the recipient of the message. Within this level of communication, general terms that are widely accepted and used daily are acceptable. However when used as a means of spamming other players with messages or sending repeated messages with inappropriate content, a punishment will be issued accordingly.

[2.0] Naming Conventions
Character and Clan / Player group names are the only way of referencing a player in the game environment. These names may be meaningful and attractive. However, they may not portray content that is considered pedophiliac, racially/ethnically inappropriate, sexual, violent, national sexual orientation and Obscene/Vulgar, or in any other form of inappropriate naming. Thus, great care should be given to name selection. The first impression other players have of you will be based on your character's name, so it's best to start off on the right foot. While choosing the perfect name for your character is left to your discretion, we have determined that some types of names are not allowed in this game, forum, or any other part of SUBA Games. Inappropriate naming conventions can be changed by SUBA Game GM's at their own discretion and these decisions cannot be contested.

[2.1] Sexual Content
Character names which imply any sexual content of any kind is inappropriate and thus not tolerated. This may include words describing sexual behavior or imagery. [2.2] Racial/Derogatory/Discriminative/Disability Terms Racial, derogatory, discriminative and/or disability terms are offensive and not attractive to other players in the game. Such names which depict any type of the above mentioned content either implicitly or explicitly is prohibited by rules that govern this convention.

[2.3] Harassment in Names
Character names that portray any kind of harassment at any degree are not tolerated and will be considered a serious offense.

[3.0] PvP (Player versus Player)
Every player must respect and realize that each player has equal rights in the game. Therefore, battles may not be initiated through the means of repeated requests for a duel if they are not interested in the battle. Players who constantly violate this rule will be punished accordingly. Open war battles are excluded from this as they are a necessary component of gameplay.

[4.0] Impersonation
The term impersonation is an implication of the act of mimicking another player, GM (Game Masters) or administrator. This course of action often leads to misunderstanding, fraud or other illegal operations. If at any time a player is identified as a participant of the above act, he/she will be punished according to the degree of imitation as well as the consequence of the act. Be very cautious concerning your behavior within the game environment as some acts may result with a severe penalty regardless of any status.

[4.1] Account Status
There are different levels of accounts that cannot be impersonated under any circumstances. These levels are as follows:
[A] GM (Game Master) - These are paid employees that manage the game services in the SUBA Games Portal. These individuals have full account powers in-game and in the community services.
[B] CM (Community Manager) - These are paid employees that manage the various community services that the SUBA Games Portal provides. These individuals may or may not have in-game powers but are certain to have full account powers in the community services.
[C] Moderator - These are volunteer players that assist the GM and the CM in managing the community services. The selection of Moderators can only be done by GM's and CM's of SUBA Games. These individuals do not have any in-game powers and have minimal community service powers.
[D] Player - These are the regular accounts available to everyone when they create an account in the SUBA Games Portal. They have no authority or powers in any part of the SUBA Games Portal.

[5.0] Harassment
Harassment is often an issue at any situation, which causes insecurity, lack of interest in the game environment and during some situations may pose a threat. Harassment may include calling inappropriate names, producing offensive or negative remarks which may be directed to a single player or a group of players, passing rumors or any message in the chat window that is considered offensive in accordance with the "Game Policy".
Thus, harassment of any kind regardless of the degree of harassment is not tolerated under any circumstances. These matters are taken into serious consideration since the security and the interest of our players are highly important to the nature of our business. Treat each and every player the way you would like to be treated. Any level of harassment involving anything related to SUBA Games will be looked into. Players must also refrain from using people of authority as a means to influence other players; this would also be considered as harassment.

[5.1] Harassment of SUBA Staff and other affiliated groups.
Harassment to SUBA Staff and/or any other affiliated groups such as the volunteer moderators, business partners and other affiliates (including the family of such affiliates) will not be tolerated. Any excessive harassment may result in a suspension of the offenders account. If the offense is repeated again, the penalties may be more severe upon each subsequent violation and may require legal actions.

[6.0] Scams
The term scam applies to gaining any kind of advantage, item, property or information through the use of deception; what constitutes a scam is at the discretion of SUBA GMs and not all examples are listed here. Therefore, it is a number one concern regarding our players and all necessary actions will be taken to prevent violation of any sort which may lead to scams. Never give out your personal account information unless requested by a trusted GM outside the game. Only in extreme conditions will a GM ask for account info, and that is only after a problem has been reported. A list of current GMs is always available on the forums. GMs always have a tag noting their position such as [GM]Admin(in the SUBA Games forum).

[6.1] In Game Scams
These include scams which occur within the vicinity of the game environment by misleading a player. They include the following: impersonating a guild member, party member, friend or any other team member to exchange valuable item(s), advantage or information. Scams may also include trades that involve deception of the actual trade transaction. GMs (Game Masters) will never request a player for their password or other personal information inside the game environment. Therefore, do not ever provide any information (or an in-game item) to anyone including, but not limited to, your family members and friends. Please keep your account information secure. We do not take any responsibility for any player's loss.

[6.2] Other Scams
Other scams may relate to factors that are outside (external) of player accounts. Any player who utilizes outside means of achieving information, items or property (including user accounts) will fall under this category of scams. These scams may include: using fraud emails to obtain passwords or other account information, selling or buying of user accounts and using real life transactions to buy an in-game item or information or advantage. We do not take any responsibility for any players loss due to a real life transaction that is executed between two or more players.

[6.3] Item Mall/Shop Scams
SUBA Games does not authorize any trading of Item Mall equipment for credits, items, or any other in-game benefit. The Item Mall is only for a player's personal use or for use as free gifts for other players. We do not take any responsibility for a player's loss due to a transaction that is executed between two or more players involving Item Mall equipment. Equipment, in-game currency, and/or Item Mall benefits will not be recovered or restored. Players who are found to be utilizing the Item Mall for scams will have their accounts suspended and/or permanently banned. Players who are involved in charge-backs and/or other fraudulent activities related to our Item Mall/Shop, PayPal, or a Credit Card will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities and their accounts will be permanently banned. Players who receive Item Mall gifts related to these fraudulent activities will also have their accounts suspended and/or permanently banned. Players are required to report any Item Mall gifts they receive from suspicious senders. Failure to report these Item Mall gifts will result in a permanent ban when the sender is involved in a chargeback or another fraudulent activity.

[6.4] Tips to Avoid Scams
[A] Do not give out any personal or account information to anyone in the game or to players outside of the game via email or through any medium.
[B] Always keep your account information safe and secure.
[C] Always, report any suspicious players who seem to conduct these activities to avoid future scams.

[6.5] Real Money Trading
Conducting in Real Money Trading is strictly prohibited.

[7.0] Cheating/Hacking
Cheating and hacking are two critical problems which are encountered during numerous online gaming activities to gain advantage. The internet is a huge resource possessing variety of tools to successfully hack or cheat a game server/client. We do not tolerate any kind of cheating or hacking which is concluded by our assessment of a player's results. The hacker's information including the current IP Address will be recorded for future reference and investigation.
These activities are not allowed and can be illegal in accordance with "SUBA Games - Terms of Agreement" and necessary corrective actions will be taken. For instance, permanently ban of this player will be finalized without any means for appeal. It is extremely important to follow all the rules of conduct during your game play and when using the website or the forum.
All rules and regulations that govern the entire game, forum, and site policy are set by SUBA Games and must be followed without any violation. SUBA Games reserves the right to change or add other rules should the need arise. Moreover, SUBA Games also reserves the right to alter or permanently ban any player's account with or without any notice at any time for any reason should the need arise. In addition, SUBA Games reserves the right to record all necessary information while keeping an active log if fraud or any illegal activities are detected from any player at any time. Each player, by engaging his/her self in the game play agree to follow all the above rules which are set forth.

[7.1] Testing of Cheats/Hacks
Users who do find themselves in the possession of a hack or a cheat tool must not test it in-game even if a SUBA Staff or affiliate has been notified. Any claim of such acts will be considered as cheating and hacking and the punishments of such actions will be given. If users do find themselves in possession of such tools it must be reported and handed over to SUBA Games Staff for testing and must not be given to any other users or posted/uploaded anywhere else.

[7.2] Distribution of Cheats/Hacks
Any users who do not use the Cheats/Hacks themselves, but are distributing them by means of peer to peer transfer, links to websites, and other means of file transfer will have their accounts closed. Helping in the distribution of cheats/hacks promotes illegal activities in the SUBA Games Portal and will not be tolerated.

[8.0] Lost Items
We are not responsible for items lost due to being hacked, trade scams, account sharing, or for any other reasons that are beyond the control of SUBA Games. However, if you do have screenshots with conclusive evidence that you have been wronged, depending on the situation, we may be able to return none/some/all of your items. Also, if you do lose an item due to an error on our part and you report the incident within 72 hours of occurring, we may elect to return the item(s) after a period of investigation.

[9.0] False Reports
Any user that makes a report or ticket for assistance must be providing factual and trustworthy information to the staff of SUBA Games. Any discovery of false or fabricated information will be put under investigation and if necessary, account suspension or permanent closure of the account may occur when false information has been identified. When such actions take place all acts involved with the reported issue will be reversed and restored back to their original conditions prior to the report.

[9.1] Accidental Reports
Any report that a user makes by accident much be reported by the user to declare that their previous report was in fact an accident or had inaccurate information. If no report has been made, and the report has been deemed a false report, then the user who reported the issue may end up receiving penalties depending on the circumstances of the report.

[10.0] Advertising
We will not tolerate any form of advertising inside any game or forum within the SUBA Games Portal. Advertising may include, but is not limited to, the repeated posting of website links through any of the in-game methods of communication. Links to sites, images and/or video may also be considered as advertising and so such actions are considered prohibited.

[11.0] Events and GM Interaction
When the GM is initiating events, players are to listen to the GM's instructions as well as to obey instructions when directly given to the player. When a GM is in communication with the players, they are expected to listen and to be as cooperative as possible. If the player disobeys or neglects to acknowledge the GM, the end result can range from no penalties to punishments as severe as account suspension or account closure, depending on the situation that has occurred.

[11.1] Slander and Deception of GM's
The GM staff is to be as impartial and unbiased as possible. If there is an issue with the performance of the GM staff the players are to send a report to Customer Service so the issue can be taken under investigation. Openly offending the GM team, withholding information, or openly deceiving the GM's, as well as contradicting their words, actions, and decisions can lead to various penalties depending on the situation. Offenses in this category go through a thorough analysis before punishment is given.

[11.2] Player / GM relations
The GM staff are paid employees of SUBA Games, and are there to assist players in any way necessary. The GM staff is not there to befriend, or to make special favors for any players. Any players that make reference that they are friends of the GM staff or can get the GM staff to do special favors are to be reported immediately. If any GM is also found to be taking favors for any players then they must be reported to SUBA Games customer service immediately. Severe penalties will be placed on players who make such claims. Any GM found to be abusing their position will be disciplined or in extreme cases, terminated from their position. When reporting GM position abuse, please send a detailed report to

[12.0] Information We Collect
In describing our collection, use, and sharing of information in this Policy, we refer to our collection and use of "Personal Information." "Personal Information," as used in this Policy, is personally identifiable information, which is information that directly identifies an individual, such as first and last name, mailing address, email address, billing information, IP addresses, demographics, passwords or other online contact information, or telephone number. We collect Personal Information, as well as non-personally identifiable information on Sites and/or Services.

We collect Personal Information in two ways. First, we collect information you provide to us in optional, voluntary submissions, such as in registration forms, user profiles, promotional signups, sweepstakes/contest entries, requests for customer service, software and mobile applications downloads and curriculum vitae submissions. Second, some Personal Information may be collected automatically. This is described below in "Passive Data Collection."

We may also obtain information, including Personal Information, from third party sources. If we directly combine information from third parties with Personal Information that we have collected, we will treat the combined information as Personal Information and handle it in accordance with this Policy. In addition, please note that we may solicit third parties to collect Personal Information on our behalf and in such cases we instruct those third parties to comply with this Policy and all applicable data protection laws. Please be aware that we are prohibited from conditioning a child's participation in any activity on that child disclosing more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in that activity. You are under no obligation to provide, and can decline to provide, any requested information at any time. However, if you decline to provide personal information that is reasonably necessary to participate in certain activities, you may not be able to participate in those activities on certain Sites and/or Services.

[12.1] Passive Data Collection
We may receive passively-collected information through a variety of methods including but not limited to:

[12.2] Cookies
We may use a variety of methods, including "cookies" to collect information.

[12.3] What is a cookie?
Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device. You can find more information about cookies at:

For a video about cookies visit

Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improve the user experience. They can also help to ensure that advertisements you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

A list of all the cookies used on our Sites and/or Services by category is set out below.

[12.4] Performance Cookies collects cookies on our Sites and/or Services to capture information about page visits (e.g. “performance cookies.”) This information is anonymous and uses this information only internally - to deliver the most effective content to our visitors. Information from the cookie is used to gauge page popularity, analyze traffic patterns on our Sites and/or Services and guide development of other improvements to our Sites and/or Services.

[12.5] Targeting, Performance, and Functionality Cookies
In our email programs, employs some tracking methods (e.g. “targeting, performance, and functionality cookies”). We track “opens” via a tracking pixel in the email- meaning we track who opens our e-mail messages and when you open our e-mail messages; and we track “clicks” via encoded URLs-meaning we track whether you click on the links contained in our e-mail messages. This information is used internally only to help us deliver relevant messaging, and is not shared with any third parties.

[12.6] Functionality and Necessary Cookies does not require that you accept cookies and/or you may withdraw your consent to our use of cookies at any time by adjusting your browser's privacy settings, however, some functionality on our Sites (e.g. “functionality cookies”), our product or service check-out process, and Services may be disabled if you decline to accept cookies ( e.g. “necessary cookies”).

[12.7] Opting Out of Cookies
You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it. You may also change your cookie settings through preference options in our Sites and/or Services, where applicable. We will indicate that upon selecting your preferences, that we will use a cookie to remember your preferences. never gives away information about our users. If you choose to provide Personal Information about yourself, will use this information only to communicate directly with you. will not sell, rent or otherwise disclose that information to third parties unless such disclosure is necessary for the purposes set forth in this Policy, by law or a policy or notice contained or associated with a specific Site(s) and/or Service(s).

[12.8] Location-Based Services
We may collect, use, and share (with partners, service providers and licensees) precise location data, including the real-time location of your mobile or fixed location device.

[12.9] Analytics Tools
We use analytics tools and other third party technologies, such as Google Analytics and DoubleClick Cookies, to collect non-personal information in the form of various usage and user metrics when you use our online Sites and/or Services. These tools and technologies collect and analyze certain types of information, including cookies, IP addresses, device and software identifiers, referring and exit URLs, onsite behavior and usage information, feature use metrics and statistics, usage and purchase history, MAC Address, mobile unique device ID, and other similar information.

The third party analytics companies who collect information on our Sites and/or Services and other online products and/or services may combine the information collected with other information they have independently collected from other websites and/or other online or mobile products and services relating to your activities across their network of websites as well as online and/or mobile products and services. Many of these companies collect and use information under their own privacy policies.

In addition to our use of technologies as described herein, we may permit certain third party companies to help us tailor advertising that we think may be of interest to you based on your use of Sites and/or Services and to otherwise collect and use data about your use of Sites and/or Services. For more information about this practice, please see the "Third Party Advertising Technologies" section below.

You may opt out of the DoubleClick cookie by visiting the Google advertising opt-out page or you may opt out of Google Analytics by visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page.

Google has additional information available about their Remarketing Privacy Guidelines, Policies, and Restrictions.

[13.0] How We Use Information
Generally, we use Personal Information to establish and enhance our relationship with our users through four main categories: (1) Communication; (2) Optimization; (3) Advertising; and (4) Sharing Features. Below, we provide some specific examples of how we use the Personal Information and other information we collect.

[13.1] Communication and Responding to Requests
We use your information, including Personal Information to provide you with customer support, process transactions, respond to users' requests, send newsletters and updates, send special offers and advertisements, seek your opinions and feedback, and connect users to Sites and/or Services, and to products and services of our partners and licensees.

[13.2] Optimization
We use user information, including Personal Information, behavioral metrics, and other non-personally identifiable information to operate, provide, improve, and maintain our Sites and Services, to develop new products and services, to prevent abuse and fraud, to personalize and display advertisements and other content for you, and for other administrative and internal business purposes.

[13.3] Advertising
We use user information, including Personal Information, behavioral metrics, geo-location data, demographic data and marketing preferences to personalize and display advertisements and other content for you.

[13.4] Sharing Features
We use your information, including Personal Information and any other information you submit directly or through passive means to provide you with various ways to connect and share content (e.g., web content , user generated videos, text, drawings, and screen captures, and quizzing features, media, tools, services and other products) with third parties. For example, we may provide you with the opportunity to email a link to certain content or promotion to another person. To use this feature, we may require you to provide certain Personal Information including your email address and the email address of each person to whom you send the link.

We also may allow you to share links to content with users of various third party services (e.g., social networking, search and sharing services). When sharing links using one of these third party services, if you are not already logged in to the third party service, you will need to supply login credentials for it. If you are not a registered user of the third party service, you will need to sign up for it. You are supplying the registration information or login credentials for the third party service directly to that third party, and not to us. By using any of these third party services to share links to content, you permit us to access, use and disclose any information relating to your account on each such third party service (such as your user name and profile information) that is available to us through the third party service, including through its application programming interface (API) pursuant to this Policy.

[14.0] When We Disclose Personal Information
We do not share Personal Information with third parties except in the limited circumstances described in this Policy.

[14.1] Service Providers
We may provide Personal Information to third parties for their use in performing internal business functions (e.g., payment processing, customer service, maintenance, security, data analysis, email transmission, beta testing, or data hosting) on our behalf. Additionally, some third party service providers may collect information, including Personal Information, on our behalf. Whenever possible, we require such third-parties to only collect and use Personal Information in accordance with this Policy, to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of such Personal Information, and for no purpose other than providing us with our requested services.

[14.2] Partners
When you visit or use a part of any website, mobile application, or other consumer product that is co-branded or that is a part of a joint promotion involving and one or more third parties (each a "Co-Branded Party"), you are providing and consenting to provide and are transmitting your Personal Information and other information provided to, or collected, or obtained by and any Co-Branded Parties involved, to and each of the Co-Branded Parties without any other notice or further consent. Please note that we do not control any Co-Branded Parties' use or treatment of information you provide to them and you should consult each of their privacy policies or any separate Co-Branded privacy policy posted on or linked from the Co-Branded site to determine your rights with respect to their use and treatment of your information. You will need to communicate with us and each Co-Branded Party directly, as applicable, if you decide you no longer wish to receive communications or if you wish to change any information you have supplied.

[14.3] Legal Requirements
We may disclose Personal Information if we have a good-faith belief that doing so is required by a subpoena, warrant, or other judicial or administrative order or otherwise required by law. Additionally, we may disclose Personal Information where we, in good faith, deem it appropriate or necessary to prevent violation of our Terms of Use or End User License Agreements, or our other agreements; take precautions against liability; protect our rights, property, or safety, or those of a partner, any individual or the general public; maintain and protect the security and integrity of our Sites and/or Services or infrastructure; protect ourselves and our Sites and/or Services from fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful uses; investigate and defend ourselves against third party claims or allegations; or assist government regulatory agencies.

[14.4] Change of Ownership
Information about our users, including Personal Information, may be disclosed as part of any bankruptcy, merger, sale, transfer of company assets, acquisition, or similar transaction. In the event of such a transaction in which your Personal Information would be transferred to a third party, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you. For example, we will post a notice of the transfer of Personal Information on our Sites and/or Services and, if we have your email address, we will send notice of the transfer of Personal Information to that email address.

[14.5] Interactive Features
If you use a forum, blog or newsletter, channel, bulletin board, chat room, user commenting features, or other interactive sharing or social features that may be offered through any of Sites and/or Services, you should be aware that any Personal Information you submit, display, or publish there is considered publicly available and can be read, collected, used, and disclosed by other users of those features, by us, and other third parties without restriction, except to the extent limited access features are available, if any. To request removal of your personal information from our blog, sharing service or community forum, for example, contact us at the information provided in this Policy. In some cases, we may not be able to remove your Personal Information, in which case we will let you know if we are unable to do so and why.

[15.0] Third Party Advertising Technologies
In addition to using cookies and related technologies as described above, we also may permit certain third party companies to help us tailor advertising that we think may be of interest to users and to collect and use other data about user activities on our Sites and/or Services (e.g., to allow them to tailor ads on third party services). These companies may deliver ads that might also place cookies and otherwise track user behavior. These companies may use information about user behavior in order to provide customized advertisements across various services and products. In the course of providing these services, products or placing advertisements, these third party companies may place or recognize a unique cookie on your computer, and may record information to these cookies based upon your activities on any of our Sites and/or Services and on third party websites. Each of these companies uses this cookie information according to their own privacy and security policies. If you wish to not have this information used for the purpose of serving you targeted ads, you may opt-out as indicated in this Policy. Please note this does not opt you out of being delivered advertising. You will continue to receive generic ads.

[16.0] Children Under 13
We do not knowingly seek or collect Personal Information from users under the age of 13. Children under 13 years old are allowed to create an account with a parent’s or guardian's express consent. We recommend that minors over the age of 13 ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet.

Users under 13 years of age, your continued use of the Site and/or Service will be considered by as confirmation that your parent or guardian has expressly consented to the handling of your personal information as described in this Policy as further indicated in the opening paragraph of this Policy.

[17.0] Your Choices

[17.1] Submitting Personal Information
If you do not want to submit Personal Information that is necessary to provide or use our Sites and/or Services or to fulfill your request, you will not be able to access and/or participate in certain Sites and/or Services. For example, you will not be able to register for an account with us or participate in certain contests or promotions, or access and/or use certain product features or online services. In addition, your refusal to submit Personal Information may limit our ability to respond to your customer support inquiry in a timely fashion.

[17.2] Editing Personal Information
You may, at any time, update, correct, or delete certain Personal Information that you have provided to us by updating your preferences on the Account Settings page or by contacting us at the mailing or email address provided set forth in this Policy.

[17.3] Marketing Choices
If you want to remove yourself from individual communications, including marketing promotions, advertisements, updates and email newsletters, simply click the unsubscribe link in the communication or access your Account Settings page when logged in. You also acknowledge and agree that there may be instances where we may elect to notify you about administrative notices regarding your account with us, such as to inform you about changes to our terms, conditions, and policies, that your account may be expiring, or to provide you with other relevant administrative information about your account. Because this information is important to your interaction with us, you may not opt out of receiving these communications.

[17.4] Account Deletion
If you submit Personal Information, you may delete your account with us at any time. If you delete your account, your Personal Information and any and all other account related information including, but not limited to, user profile data, purchasing history, sharing data and any other data, credits, or content specifically associated with your account are also permanently deleted. Deletion of your data may take up to 90 days from accessible systems and up to 365 days from backup systems. If you choose to have an account with us in the future, you will have to sign up for a new account as none of the information you previously provided or saved within your account will have been saved.

[18.0] Security
We take reasonable measures, including the implementation and maintenance of physical, electronic, and managerial procedures, in an effort to assure the security, integrity, and accuracy of all Personal Information that we collect. Our efforts include procedures designed to avoid unauthorized access, alteration, misuse or disclosure of Personal Information.

If we learn of a security systems breach, we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take appropriate protective steps. By using the Sites and/or Services covered by this Policy and providing Personal Information to us, you agree that we can communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy and administrative issues relating to your account information and usage.

[19.0] Data Integrity and Data Retention
We collect and use Personal Information in accordance with this Policy and only for the purposes stated in this Policy and/or at the time we request such Personal Information from our users, or for such purposes to which a user may otherwise consent. We do not use or share our users' Personal Information in a way that is incompatible with the purposes for which such Personal Information was requested and authorized for use by us. We retain Personal Information for no longer than is commercially useful to carry out our business purposes, or as we believe may be legally required. When Personal Information is deleted or updated by you, it may take up to 90 days from accessible systems, and up to 365 days from backup systems, for us to delete such Personal Information.

[20.0] Access to Personal Information
In general you may view, correct, or delete the Personal Information stores about you. Most of your Personal Information may be accessed and corrected by simply logging into your account and accessing your profile. If you wish to obtain a report of the Personal Information has about you, please send us a written request with a clear and abundant explanation why you need such a report at the address set forth in this Policy. Due to the fact that production of such a report may require use of a considerable amount of resources we have the right to refuse such a request after providing a reasonable explanation.

[21.0] Third Party Login Functionality
We may permit users with accounts on certain third party services, including but not limited to, social networking, search, sharing, and other services delivered by third-parties, to bypass the standard applicable registration process. If you connect through an authorized third party service, you will be able to use your third party login information to log in to your account or access content, Sites and/or Services. We are not responsible for the sharing, posting, commenting, or other content and information gathering practices of any third party services that may be triggered by using these third party login services. Please review their terms of service and privacy policies carefully before using third party login functionality to access any Sites and/or Services.

By using any third party services to log in to your account or access Sites and/or Services, you permit us to access, store and use all information related to your third party account that may be accessible to us through the third party service, including through its application programming interface (API), pursuant to this Policy.

[22.0] Third Party Services and Links’s content, including forums contests, products, services, newsletters and communications that we send to our users, may contain links to content provided by third-parties. For example, our communications may contain links to third party merchants from whom you may purchase products. To purchase products from these third party merchants, you may be required to provide Personal Information, including your credit card or other payment information.

[23.0] Enforcement regularly reviews its compliance with this Privacy Policy. Please feel free to direct any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or's treatment of Personal Information by contacting us through this Site at or by writing to us at Privacy Group, c/o Wicked Interactive Ltd., 105 Gordon Baker Rd., Suite 520, Toronto, Ontario M2H 3P8, Canada. When receives a formal written complaint at this address, it is's policy to contact the complaining party regarding his or her concerns. will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints regarding the transfer of personal data that cannot be resolved by and an individual.

[24.0] No Error Free Performance does not guarantee error-free performance under this Privacy Policy. will use reasonable efforts to comply with this Privacy Policy and will take prompt corrective action when learns of any failure to comply with our Privacy Policy. shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages relating to this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the Canada, to the extent applicable.