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Suba Games is a pioneer in North America for the Item Selling (micro-transaction) business model, thus giving our users complete access to all of our games for free , with the option to expand their gaming experience by purchasing game enhancements (virtual items) such as avatar customizations and pets.

At Suba Games we offer a variety of free online games. Whether you are interested in MMO, RPG, RTS, or FPS, we have something in each genre that you will enjoy.

We are proud to present high quality games in both downloadable & browser based categories. Our fans can gain access to a universal gaming destination providing deep, immersive online games accessible from PC, browser, tablet, and smart phones.

The company's growing library of titles includes the world famous franchise "Pristontale"; the PVP focused Sci-Fi MMO, "ACE Online"; the fast-paced, first-person shooter, "M.A.R.S."; the Third Person Shooter, MMORPG "Lucent Heart" and "Luna Online"; With a rapidly growing community of over 10 million gamers and a deep portfolio of development partners, Suba Games is a leading destination free-to-play online multiplayer for games. Join Suba Games to play the best online client or browser MMO games 100% free.

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What is Free to Play ?

All Suba Games' games are completely free to download and play . The games are regularly updated with new content and are completely supported. Play for free, forever.

Want More? Get SP!

SP is a virtual currency used throughout all games serviced by Suba Games. SPcan be used to buy in- game items and to add new features. It's a great way to enhance your gaming experience.