The information below outlines policies that we have when dealing with various support-related issues you may have while playing Lucent Heart, as well as how we take action towards violations of the Lucent Heart Rules of Conduct, Suba Games Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.
Punishment & Suspension Policy
Depending on the nature and severity of an offense, Suba Games and/or Wicked Interactive Ltd. reserves the right to perform the following punishment measures, in any combination or number:

  1. Muting – Your chat privileges will be revoked for any duration.
  2. Kicking – Your connection to the Lucent Heart game server will be terminated.
  3. Temporary Suspension – Your account may be suspended (banned) for days or months by the Suba Games team for your offenses. Generally speaking, we follow a “three strikes” policy for most offenses, with ban terms increasing in length the more you receive.
  4. Permanent Suspension – Your account may be suspended permanently and with no appeal either for severe offenses or repeat offenses (i.e. after three strikes for a particular offense).
Account Sharing & At-Risk Accounts
In any incident where Suba Games and/or Wicked Interactive Ltd. staff has determined that an account has been compromised through fault or willful negligence of the end user, Suba Games is not obliged to offer any support to that account. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Sharing local game sessions
  2. Loaning accounts to other friends, relatives or any other players
  3. Buying and/or selling accounts
  4. Giving away sensitive account details (login, e-mail, password, etc.)

Any account for which there is evidence of account sharing or buying/selling may be suspended at any time, especially in situations where that account has been involved in other Lucent Heart Rules of Conduct, or Suba Games Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy violations.

Suba Games and Wicked Interactive Ltd. are not liable in part or full for any damages or harm caused, whether real or imagined, through account sharing.
Lost & Missing Items

Users are eligible to ask Suba Games Support for item returns in the case of accidental trading, selling or deletion. Suba Games and/or Wicked Interactive ltd make no guarantee of these items being returned, and are not obligated to fulfill these requests. Repeated requests to have items returned may be denied if the number of requests is deemed excessive or unreasonable.

Items which are given away or traded, or fail in enchanting/upgrading are not eligible for return under any circumstances unless proven to be result of a glitch or bug.

Attempting to deceive Suba Games Support by providing false reports or misinformation with respect to lost or missing items will cause future item return requests to be denied outright, whether legitimate or not. Increasing falsification of lost items could also result in both temporary and eventually permanent termination of the respective account.

Item Trading

All trades must be performed through the Lucent Heart game client. Lucent Heart contains a trade interface which provides two-way confirmation from both players involved in the transaction. As such, in any situation where a trade might be reversed, only the items involved in a single trade operation can be considered. All trades are performed at-risk to all involved players. Once a trade is performed, possession and ownership of the involved items immediately passes to the respective new accounts and any claim to ownership of those items is void.

Suba Games and Wicked Interactive Ltd. do not support any transactions that occur outside of the Lucent Heart game client’s trade, Cash Shop or personal buying and selling shop interfaces. Such transactions may violate the Lucent Heart Rules of Conduct, and the Suba Games Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and accounts involved in such transactions may be suspended or terminate.

Security Tips
This list of tips below will help you keep your account secure and safe. Negligence or ignorance of the basic security tips below may cause Suba Games Support to deny your request for assistance.

  1. Never give anyone else your password for any reason.
  2. Change your password regularly, and use a strong random password (i.e. "mDFHg14fp3").
  3. Never use the same password for multiple web sites, games or services.
  4. Set a Lucent Heart secondary password (F10 in-game) to protect your inventory.
  5. Be sure to select security questions and answers in your Suba Games profile.
  6. Linking your Suba Games account with third-party sites (i.e. Facebook) can add more options for intruders to use. Keep all your third-party site accounts as secure as possible, and unlink your accounts if you don't use the feature.
  7. If you buy Suba Points or contact Suba Games Support, keep a copy of any receipts or e-mails you receive for transactions and communications.
  8. Suba Games staff will never ask for your account information (password etc.) in-game. Suba Games staff may ask for old, unused passwords, but only if you send in a support ticket and it is necessary to confirm your identity.
  9. If you send a support ticket to us containing sensitive account information of any kind, delete the ticket once your issue has been resolved.
  10. If you change your e-mail address, remember to update your Suba Games account.
  11. Uncheck the option in the game launcher to remember your login ID, especially if you play from a public computer.
  12. Avoid playing from a public computer or connection (school, library, cyber cafe, etc.) if possible.
  13. Never leave your computer unattended and unlocked, especially if you live with siblings or have children.
  14. Regularly scan your computer for viruses and other malware using a reputable third-party security suite.

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