Below you will find a collection of cards that highlight the attributes and stats of their respective Zodiac sign. For a more detailed guide that focuses on advanced features, please refer to the Wikia external link.
An Aries' zeal for combat is unmatched by any other sign. Their high risk behavior results in dangerous situations, but when executed successfully returns great rewards. Aries are most comfortable in the middle of battle where they enjoy the benefit of accelerated regeneration. However, higher attack powers come at the sacrifice of defense. This needs to be kept in mind when forming your strategies.
Taurus tend to be the most stable members of any group. Their ability to reduce aggression makes priests an excellent choice for this sun sign. Many of their skills increase recovery of both MP and HP.
The Gemini twins' speed and movement are second to none. Movement oriented classes excel with this sun sign. With the ability to teleport, boost attack speed and increase damage, many classes can be flexible when combined with the power of Gemini.
The crab and bull share the common theme of defense. A Cancer's strength lies in defending against physical damage. By sacrificing speed, recovery rates can be increased and critical damage can be greatly mitigated. Classes that absorb damage will excel with this symbol.
With their ability to mitigate damage as well as dish it out, Leos are the kings of balance. With balance between dealing and absorbing damage, Leos find themselves attuned as Guardians and Templars. Their star sign gives both magical and physical protection, and their Zodiac ability damages all enemies around them.
Often making brash and quick decisions, Virgos will take the benefit of being in the moment, without thinking of the consequences. Those who desire bursts of damage will find themselves attuned to this sun sign. Be cautious of Virgos, as their often temperamental nature can harm enemies as well as themselves.
Libras strongly attune to the defensive nature of each class. Increases in vitality and recovery lead to a focus on physical and magical protection. Libras will generally focus on the defensive aspects of fighting and attune to melee tanks and damage mitigating classes.
A Scorpio's sting is more vicious than all the other sun signs. With an emphasis on critical damage and high attack power, damage oriented classes will find chemistry with this zodiac. Be wary, a Scorpio's damage comes at a cost - damage that a Scorpio takes will gradually increase as a battle draws out.
Sagittarians sacrifice life and magic power in the pursuit of maximization their damage. They are willing to increase their attack speeds at the cost of their own defense. By tapping into their Zodiac skills, they are able to guarantee critical strikes at will. Ranged classes tend to synergize well with this sun sign.
Similar to Aries and Leo, Capricorns have good critical attack skills. Their recovery skills are also very strong with the ability to self-heal. This reduces the need to carry and use items such as potions and food. Classes focusing in aggressive melee are a good match for Capricorns. Capricorns are patient and use strategy instead of force. They are disciplined and are quick to seize an opportunity.
Aquarians enjoy the ability to absorb damage and cleanse negative effects with their affinity to water. The Aquarius sign can work well with any class. Aquarians are assertive, independent, progressive, analytical and inventive. They often bring about great cultural change with disruptive inventions through modern science. As such, many Aquarians in Acadia find an affinity for crafting machinery as Machinists.
Unlike Cancer, Pisces focus on the reduction of aggression from others. In combat, they are able to avoid being targeted due to this inherent skill. By passively increasing their natural regeneration while out of combat, Pisces have strong endurance and stability traits.

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