Here’s a Quick Reference Guide to help get you started on your journey through Acadia! For a more detailed guide that focuses on advanced features, please refer to the Lucent Heart Wikia external link page
Character Creation
When you start the game, you choose your character’s date of birth! Your birthday will play a significant part of your Character’s journey. Each Zodiac sign can be beneficial to specific classes. For example, those under the Taurus sign have natural abilities leaning towards a Priest. However, it can be altered via the Astrolabe, which will be explained later. You’ll see a brief description of your Zodiac on the left side of the screen, based on the birthday you have entered.
Cupid System
Besides questing and the usual MMORPG elements, you can participate in many unique game features in Lucent Heart, including the Cupid System. The Cupid System functions as a matchmacking service that will pair players together on the server three times a day (based on Zodiac signs). You will get a floating heart next to you if Cupid is successful.
Benefits of having a Soul Mate:
  • Grouping with your Soul Mate will garner extra EXP points
  • Performing Lovers Emotes (i.e. Hug/Kiss/Dance) will give special 30 min buffs
  • Ability to enter Soul Mate Dungeons
  • Shared responsibility of growing a Flower together to pick petals and trade for special accessories
  • Can have up to 3 Soul Mates in case the others aren’t on to group with you!
  • Can marry 1 of the 3 Soul Mates with a full-fledged wedding
Horoscope System
Lucent Heart features a unique Zodiac System where players will experience the powers of the Zodiac with special armor, abilities, and daily horoscope enhancements tied to their birthday. The Zodiac System extends throughout the game, affecting everything from combat to character emotions. At various level goals, numerous choices and abilities will become available to the player.
  • At level 10, the “Astrolabe” quest will open for you. Once completed, you’ll get access to a Zodiac skill tree where you can hone in on your natural zodiac abilities
  • Level 30 will allow you to awaken Zodiac Armor where you transform into a super fighter
  • Each Zodiac gains both passive/active skills separate from Class skills
  • Tailor fit your needs to max out your strong attributes or make weaker stats stronger
Daily Fortune and Weekly Analysis
When you log in, you'll be greeted with a circular rune that will show you your Daily Fortune and Fortune Analysis of the Week. This shows your character's Love, Battle, Work (crafting), Wealth (item drop), and Agility Fortunes for the day. Each fortune equates into X% chance of successful or non-successful outcomes depending on the number of the Stars shown. Moving the mouse cursor over each Fortune will give a description of advice.
  • Daily Fortune changes daily
  • Daily Fortune affects your character’s performance in-game for the day
  • Grouping with certain Zodiac signs will improve less than stellar fortune outcomes
Knowledge Master
Twice a day, you’ll be prompted to test your knowledge! You can check the Activity Billboard in the icons on the right side of the screen for times of day. Each time, there are 40 questions. Answering each question correctly will garner points, while incorrect answers will take away points. If you’re ranked in the Top 20, extra points will be granted.
  • When Knowledge Master starts, you can invite a friend to “PK” and have a battle of wits! Money bets are encouraged!
  • There are Knowledge Master ranks for both individuals and guilds
  • Correct consecutive answers will earn you more points
  • Rewards for doing well in Knowledge Master will grant buffs for EXP and Drops
Eventure System
By pressing “H” you can see what activities / server events are available to sign up for to participate. Each event is restrictive to specific level ranges, and will usually reward the Top 5-6 winners with prize money and/or other prizes. A player can participate in up to 5 Eventure activities per day.
Night and Day Quests
Under the mini radar map on upper right, there is Time and Night / Day. This is important to keep an eye on for specific quests as you may be trying to look for something that’s not in the correct time of day!
Rewards are granted to players for accumulated online time. In the lower right corner, you will notice a little box with an icon and a countdown. Once the countdown ends, the button to “Get Reward” starts blinking and you’ll be able to retrieve your prize. The longer you stay in-game, the more prizes you can receive. Items rewarded here are samples from the Item Shop. Once logged out, the countdown freezes until you log in again to start where you left off.
You’ll want to pick a profession early on, as enemies will often drop materials. You can visit the various crafting workshops by seeing NPC “Quincy” in Thereall. You can pick a crafting Profession at level 5.
  • There are 6 Professions including Tailoring, Jewelry, Machine, Alchemy, Blacksmith and Card Design
  • Recipes and materials are required to craft
  • Basic recipes can be purchased from the NPC inside the workshop, while most advanced ones need to be found
  • All materials can be purchased from various NPCs or are dropped by mobs
  • Your Daily Fortune of “Work” directly affects your crafting success
In Lucent Heart there are both, non-combat pets and combat pets. Non-combat pets provide passive bonuses for you as the pet reaches higher levels and combat pets can be taught abilities to aid you while hunting. You can acquire pets by completeting quests, by finding them through drops or by purchasing them in stores
  • Non-combat pets follow you and gain experience by being fed. The type of food you feed them can change their appearance and color
  • Combat pets follow you, fight and gain experience when summoned during battle or when you complete a quest; they evolve though a unique EXP system that differs from the main character
Miscellaneous Facts
  • The maximum group size is 6 players
  • Item linking within chat is available
  • You can preview your armor / equipment via item linking and the dressing room
  • To preview item shop clothing, remember to click “Display”
  • If any other assistance is needed, click on “HELP” icon within the game menu

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