Welcome to Customer SupportM.A.T.M.A.T. - SP-Gold Conversion
M.A.T. - SP-Gold Conversion
Players must convert within the span of 1 patch.

Players cannot convert for someone else. We will only send items to the account that converted for them.

Sp-Gold items must be requested no later than 2 months after the conversion. Conversions older than 2 months are no longer valid.

All items gained through conversions are 150 Day duration, unless otherwise specified.

Players can choose items that total up to the amount they have converted. (Eg. Converting 20k allows you to choose either 1 weapons, 2 dance cards, or 4 rare earth. It does not get you 1 rare earth, 1 dance card, and 1 weapon).

Each item in the following lists are counted individually. (Eg. Converting 10k does not get you Blaze Grenade, Wings, and Dance cards. Converting 10k allows you to choose 1 of those options.)
Players can convert for the following items:
-Rare Earth lvl 8

-Blaze Grenade (Perm)
-Dance Cards

-Any Item not on the Restricted List.
-Any item on the 200k list. (150 Days)
-Golden Present (10 Days)
-Compound Bow (Perm)

-Any Wings. (Perm)

-Any Suit. (Perm)

-Lazur Blades (perm)
-Shield Assault (perm)

-Paladin's Assault (perm)
-Zero HK-X013 (perm)
-Dead Man's Wrath (perm)
-Corbett AK (perm)
-Asgard Assault (perm)
-Valkyrie (perm)
-The Alternator (perm)
-Dragon's Breath (perm)
-The Ghost Matrix (perm)
-Aquamarine Hammer (perm)
-Sapphire Knight (perm)
-DayBreak (perm)
-Crimson Threads (perm)
-Crimson Threads Frost (perm)
-Digital Gambler (perm)
-Hades (perm)
-Elfin (perm)

Players can not convert for the following items:
-Any items added in the current patch
-Swine blade
-Twin Dragons
-Gatling gun
-The Raptor(assault)
-Snowstorm Kriss
-Fusion Reactor/What's this?
-Kremlin AK
-Shock Sniper
-Photon Rifle
-All 3 of the "sonny" glasses
-All crazy mode weapons
-"Who's your daddy
-Honor Coupons
-Intimacy Tickets
-Snake guts
-Silent Shoes
-HP+20% Card
-VIP Cards
-Speed/Haste Card
-Phoenix Dance Card
-Trump Pet & Fragments
-Wings of Flame
-Breakout Wings
-Gem Packages
-Pet Skills
-Seductive Frilly Dress
-Green Goblin Skateboard
-Apocalypse Suit
-Phoenix Quiver
-Abyss Echoes
-Heart Wings

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