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About Suba Games
Frequently asked questions about Suba Games:

Question: Is Suba Games free to play?

Answer: Yes, Suba Games is free to play with a cash shop option.

Question: Why is [GM]Peter so cool?

Answer: Being from Canada, he spent most of his life in a cold climate.

Question: Where did all the other GM's I've seen go?

Answer: Some of our previous GMs have moved on to other things in their life.

Question: Are there any bonus for signing up to your social groups?

Answer: We have plans to randomly reward members that have signed up for our social group, its our way to show appreciation.

Question: Can I become a GM? And how?

Answer: Suba Games does not believe in having player GMs, so in order to become a GM you will have to currently live in Toronto (Base of Operations), have knowledge of video games and be ready to dedicate your life to SUBA! (lol)

If you are serious about the position please send your Cover Letter + Resume to support@subagames.com.

Question: Are you going to be adding new games to your portal?

Answer: Suba Games is always on the look out for new and innovative games that we can add to our line up.

Question: Can I get some free points/items?

Answer: Unfortunately, we will not be able to give out free items or Suba Points, but we will have a bunch of events/contests that will give everyone a chance to win points/items. Check out our forums for more information!

Question: What is [GM]EchoSaviour's original SCO-ACE identity?

Answer: That is up to the players to find out for themselves.

Question: When can I play the games?

Answer: Once you make your account on the Subagames website you can use the account for any of our games!