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Yeehaw partner, swing on by to MAT this month to check out our newest content!

We at SubaGames are making great efforts to put our game out there for the public to get a chance to enjoy, and as such we would greatly appreciate it if you published our newest press release involving the second March update for our game Mission Against Terror. We are including some screenshots for your convenience.

Yeehaw, giddy up on over to M.A.T. this week partner!

Toronto, ON - March, 2013 – Mission Against Terror ( is in a state of Pandamonium this week! Costumed characters disguising themselves as pandas have been spotted (pun intended) running through our newest, Wild West themed map! At the same time, a dashing pirate captain with great fashion sense has been seen chasing the pandas with an antique WWI rifle.

Patch Features:

- Panda costumes
- Dashing Pirate costume
- Antique rifle
- T-100 Rifle with side loading magazine
- Wild West map
- Napalm Grenade

New Weapons: T-100 Rifle, Antique Rifle, Napalm Grenade

We’re going old school in March with our T-100 Rifle, an old military rifle with a side loading magazine. Its rapid fire and clip size is designed for quick takedowns and evasive gameplay. Next we’re bringing a WWI antique sniper rifle that features a three-point crosshair and dual magnification scope for long range takedowns. We’re finishing things off with a colorful napalm grenade. Set the world on fire with its destructive power and purple flames.

New Map: Wild West.

Head on over to our newest map to get a taste of the wild, wild, west, our newest tactical map, with plenty of hiding spots to suit your gameplay style. Long range, close quarters, this map caters to everyone.

New Items: Panda costumes, Dashing Pirate Outfit

Who doesn't love a panda? Now you can look like one with our adorable panda suits. No real pandas were harmed in the making of these outfits. Last but not least, gentlemen, you can charm all the ladies and vanquish your enemies at the same time in a dashing pirate ensemble.

About M.A.T:

Set in the near future on our very own Earth, M.A.T is a fast paced, social, action FPS with a unique art style, outrageous items and exciting game modes that will keep you playing for months. With its friendly community, great customer support and monthly updates, M.A.T is sure to provide you with a place you can come to and enjoy with your friends. Whether you’re looking to try something unique, or prefer to play old school style, M.A.T has it all and plenty more to come! For more info, visit:

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