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Spring Into Action on M.A.T.!

Toronto, ON - March, 2013 – Mission Against Terror ( releasing another exciting content update! For the latest patch, M.A.T. is kicking it up a notch with a new tactical map, a blastin’ BoomBox Rocket Launcher, same sex couples, and more!

Marriage System:

Mission Against Terror has had a marriage system for quite some time. Up until recently, only couples of the opposite sex could marry. That all changes now! We’ve added in the ability of same sex players to marry each other in the game. A first for an FPS!

New Weapons: BoomBox Rocket Launcher, Soul Weapons, Blackboard Eraser grenade.

The second of our player designed weapons is finally in the game: the 80’s inspired, graffiti covered BoomBox Rocket Launcher! Not only is this one of our coolest looking weapons, with cra-azy punk styling, it also packs a serious punch to your enemies with its quad rockets. Every month from now on we will continue to release more player designed weapons, so stay tuned for more! Next we present the sleek, futuristic, Soul Weapons. These exclusive items feature a post-apocalyptic sci-fi design while maintaining superb performance! Last but not least, why not erase your problems with the Black Board Eraser grenade. Chuck it at your enemies and run for cover, or you’ll be the one getting wiped out.

New Map: Abandoned School. The laughter of students had faded long ago. No more tests, homework, or Tuesday burger lunches…No more sports or clubs…The only sound heard from within these haunting walls is the eerie silence, only disturbed by the howling wind rattling the dusty windows.

New Item: Phantom Wings!

Over the last few months we’ve been steadily releasing more winged items for our players to benefit from. This month we’ve pushed the design into a new, daring direction. Under the cover of night, a shadowy, winged silhouette emerges through the faintest traces of light. These wings will carry you through battle with an imposing presence. Featuring five bonus stats to help you in battle: from faster reloading, to helping you absorb damage from falls, and a few more tricks.

About M.A.T:

Set in the near future on our very own Earth, M.A.T is a fast paced, social, action FPS with a unique art style, outrageous items and exciting game modes that will keep you playing for months. With its friendly community, great customer support and monthly updates, M.A.T is sure to provide you with a place you can come to and enjoy with your friends. Whether you’re looking to try something unique, or prefer to play old school style, M.A.T has it all and plenty more to come! For more info, visit:

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