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Love is in the air in Mission Against Terror!

Toronto, ON - February 7, 2013 – Mission Against Terror ( is all about love. For the latest patch, Mission Against Terror is bringing electronic candy grams to all its players, with a full-on content update, beginning with M.A.T.'s unique, dreamlike map.

New Map:

Cupid has visited M.A.T. and established a sanctuary for lovers to enjoy. The beautiful garden will beckon all to come and visit it, but alas, sinister forces are at work trying to demolish what cupid has created. Lovers, you must unite and fight side by side to drive back the forces of evil. Featuring a beautiful backdrop with a castle and even a hot air balloon, this garden map was designed specifically with couples in mind.

New Weapons:Python M82, Aurora series of weapons, Rebel Heart Grenade

The first player designed weapon is coming to M.A.T this month: the Python M82! It draws its inspiration from a familiar and deadly stalker. A python noiselessly moves through the jungle, watchfully stalking its prey. None see it coming until they feel the silent grip wrap of death around them. Do you have what it takes to wield this weapon? Train yourself well and you too may become a silent hunter. Next we have the dazzling aurora weapons: twin pistols and twin blades. Featuring a design inspired by the northern lights, these should prove to be as deadly in combat as they are beautiful. Last, but not least is the Rebel Heart Grenade. On his own, the rebel thug is ready to put his heart on the line for the one he secretly cares for the most. Stick it to your enemies with this bold and unique grenade.

New Items: Lover’s Wings, Toy House Backpack, Bewitching Summer Outfit

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and cupid hasn’t forgotten about you lovers out there! Carried by the winds of destiny, two lovers are united in harmony. Demonstrate your love towards your partner with the Lover’s Wings that are a reflection of what you hold dearest. The Toy House Backpack will surely make anyone stand out, but it’s not merely for decoration as it features useful bonuses to help you speed up your level advancement in the game. The Bewitching Summer Outfit is one of our most alluring outfits for female players. It’s short tank top and short shorts will drive the guys wild!

What's more? There will also be a special patch towards the end of the month, featuring a new take on an old mode that should prove to be quite intense, so stay tuned for more!

What are you waiting for? To sign up for Mission Against Terror, or just find out more info about the game, visit the official M.A.T. site:

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