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ACE Online Regional Championship

Due to ACE Online newly passing as being an eSport, SubaGames is joining up with developer MasangSoft to organize a global ACE Online championship tournament. SubaGames is going to be holding a its very first Regional Championship, having the leading 2 gamers represent ACE Online North America for the worldwide competition! Rewards also consist of ACE Online equipment for winners and Suba Points

Individuals thinking about taking part in this championship will need to have a SubaGames account including an ACE Online character. Solo battle matches involving 2 participants are going to be put together by the ACE Online GM team. The starting rounds shall be made from matches using the best of 3 duels getting to the next round. As soon as there are 16 participants left standing, the battles is going to be happening in the Area 525 server (Event Server). Every match is composed of 5 duels, considering the best of 5 duels moving on. When ever there are just 4 players remaining, all of the matches shall be based on the best of 7 duels

The 1st and 2nd place winners will get the chance to participate in the Ace Online World Championships in G-Star (Pusan, South Korea) between November 10, 2011 and November 13, 2011. Travel expenses, in addition to hotel accommodation and catering are going to be included with an estimated value of $3,000 each winner.

To get more information about the event, please visit the SubaGames Announcement Thread:

Tournament Prize

• 1st Place: 3 Months Membership, Prefix and Suffix of choice on any weapon (excluding legendary or unique weapons), 1 slot armour of their choice (any tier) on their highest level character, 1 gold + black + pink contour on their highest level character, 50,000 Suba Points.

• 2nd Place: 2 Months Membership, Prefix or Suffix of choice on any weapon (excluding legendary or unique weapons) on their highest level character, 1 gold or black or pink contour on their highest level character, 25,000 Suba Points.

• 3rd Place: Month Membership, 1 Super Gamble Set, 10,000 Suba Points.

All active participants in the tournament will receive the following prizes

• 2 Tokens

• 2 Weapon Machine Token

• 5 Day Membership Ticket

Sign Up

Download ACE Online for free from the Official Game website:

After signing up and creating a character, you can sign up in the Official Signup thread here: