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Mission Against Terror Unleashes Terminator Mode

Long-Awaited "November Massacre" Update to Popular Free-to-Play Shooter Brings New Weapons, New Maps, New Gameplay Options, Other Surprises

TORONTO, ON November 30, 2010—Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.), everyone's favorite free-to-play shooter from Wicked Interactive, has finally launched Terminator Mode. The hallmark of the game's eagerly anticipated November Massacre update brings impossible- to-kill terminator, various enhanced mummies, new weapons, new maps, new character types and other surprises.

"For players who have been with us since Closed Beta, it's everything they've been waiting for, and more. For those who have been sitting on the sidelines, I am happy to inform you that you've run out of excuses to check out the game," said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive.

TERMINATOR MODE 101: Much like Mummy Mode, you cannot select your team in Terminator Mode. A random amount of players are spawned in as Terminators, and it's their job to survive until the time limit expires while the rest of the players are mummies. Terminators have a very large health pool, increased ammunition and health/ammunition packs from the map while the mummies get infinite respawns and different abilities. The Terminators must work together to survive while the mummies must work together to bring the Terminators down. The first map introduced with Terminator Mode is The Asylum, the believed birthplace of these enhanced mummies. Mummies with enhanced abilities are too much for normal soldiers, and so the Terminators have been called in to exterminate them!

Meet the Enhanced Mummies: The Martyr – Through sacrifice, the Martyr can create a large explosion which causes a significant amount of damage to an enemy Terminator. The Martyr has 3 seconds upon activation of his ability to get as close as possible to the Terminator before setting himself off. The Martyr has low health so he will need to sneak up or use other mummies as cover to get in close. The Hunter – The Hunter has superior running speed and jumping ability. A skilled player can continue clawing away at an enemy Terminator while running in circles around him or jumping over him to confuse him. The Vampire – The Vampire can steal health from a Terminator. Combined with running around while attacking the Terminator, a Vampire can theoretically tank a Terminator by stealing more health than the Terminator can deal in damage. The Psychic – The Psychic can temporarily disable a Terminator’s movement by emitting an electronically charged beam that overloads the Terminator’s circuitry. Once the Psychic has a Terminator locked up, the only way to free its victim is for a friend to kill the Psychic. The Wraith – The Wraith is a ghostly menace who has somehow tapped into a Ghost’s ability to appear almost invisible. In a good spot, the Wraith can continue to strike at his opponent while they wonder what is hitting them when they look around. The Behemoth – The Behemoth has superhuman strength and a fearsome appearance. He is much larger than most of the mummies, has an enormous amount of health, and can pound the ground to deliver a damaging shockwave to nearby enemies. Focus fire to bring these bad boys down! Say Hello to Mr. Chainsaw:

The most-requested weapon is now here. Go nose-to-nose with enemies as the gears go to work.

"Jason used one. So did Michael Myers. And don't forget those fine fellows from Texas. They took the chainsaw and had themselves a big ol' massacre, " said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive. "We can talk about the caliber of ranged automatic weapons all day, but the chainsaw is a special weapon. It's for gamers who like to get up-close-and-personal."

Set in a near-future not so different from our own time, M.A.T. pits teams against one another in a bitter battle for the survival of the human race. Unanimously hailed for its solid game-play and wide variety of game modes, M.A.T. has taken North America by storm, after becoming quite popular in Asia and other parts of the world.

Also, for those of you who missed it, here's the recently leaked Terminator gameplay trailer:


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