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Free to Play ACE Online enters Open Beta

A while back we wrote about Dean Takahashi’s coverage of Wicked Interactive acquiring the North American publishing rights for a number of Yedang’s free to play, ad supported titles. Wicked Interactive plans to release “Priston Tale”, “Priston Tale 2,” and “ACE Online”. It seems like the first title out of the gate is ACE Online. Perhaps a wise choice given it’s unique gameplay and wide audience appeal. Wicked Interactive recently opened the doors on it’s new free to play title ACE Online. The game is hosted on Wicked Interactive’s web portal:

Wicked Interactive is doing a bit of celebrating in game via various world events, giveaways, PvP tournaments, special item lotteries, and “Last Nation Standing” Nation Wars.

“This is a major milestone for Wicked Interactive and Suba Games as we launch our first open beta and begin to build the ACE Online and Suba games communities,” said Stanley Yu, CEO of Wicked Interactive Ltd. “The response to the game’s closed beta release has been overwhelming and we are truly excited about the community that is building around the game and the Suba Games platform. ACE Online really is an innovative title that combines elements of strategy, role-playing and aerial combat to offer an experience fit for every type of player.”

This intense 3D space shooter combines elements of action and MMORPG games. Coming out of the Yedang Online studios, one of Korea’s top gaming enterprises, the game places players as fighter pilots in ships known as “Gears”. Facing an intergalactic world at war, players complete missions along with engaging other players in intense aerial dogfights

While still heavily influenced by the traditional MMORPG game format, ACE Online also adds a dash of action and shooting elements into gameplay. Players not only quest and level, but must have quick trigger fingers and tight barrel rolls and the ability to shake bogies at top speeds. As players improve and level up their fighters, they acquire credits which can be used in the game’s item shop to purchase hundreds of customizable weapons and add-ons for their “Gear”. These customizations aid players in becoming a master pilot. The games PvP system features intense player vs. player combat know as “Nation Wars”. ACE Online seeks to differentiate itself from competitors with this unique blend of action/shooting/RPG gameplay format

ACE Online is a free to play title with no monthly subscription fees. It features four unique “Gears” to choose from, each with it’s own specialties, along with deep leveling and gear customization features via the in game shop