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Online game distributor SUBA Games now hosting G4BOX titles

Lydia Sung - Saturday, December 20, 2008 12:06am (PST

Digital distribution grows in popularit

Earlier today, EA announced that they were officially joining up with Steam and offering numerous hit titles via the Valve retail service. Now Wicked Interactive has stated their distribution service, SUBA Games, has expanded their inventory of free online games to include G4BOX titles

SUBA Games already hosts a number of MMOs and other online games like ACE Online, Priston Tales, and soon Priston Tales 2: The Second Enigma. With G4BOX jumping onboard, Metin2 and the Cross Fire closed beta are both available through Wicked Interactive's online portal

"We are excited to welcome these two G4BOX properties into the SUBA Games library of titles," said Stanley Yu, Chief Executive Officer of Wicked Interactive

Both the Mertin2 and Cross Fire websites have relocated to the SUBA Games website, and players could experience some downtime as the move is finalized.