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Players of Priston Tale Can Participate in Exciting Holiday Events on Starting this week through January

Toronto, CANADA-December 17, 2008-Wicked Interactive (, a North American MMO publisher, today announced that it will launch a huge holiday celebration for Yedang Online's popular MMORPG, PristonTale which is available at: Players of Priston Tale can participate in the Holiday Events beginning this week and running until January 5, 2009.

The Priston Tale Holiday Celebration will begin with the town decorations.Players will know Christmas is coming when Ricarten decorates their town with holiday spirit leading up to the Santa Goblins Event that begins on December 18th. These goblins know the spirit of Christmas better than any other monster. Be careful though!

They don't really like offering their gifts without first beating you up with their bag of toys! And, if you're naughty, they might just become meaner!

Even those who bring chaos to the continent of Priston like giving out presents! The Gift Box Event begins on December 23rd when all monsters in the game will have a chance to drop a Gift Box. Gift Boxes, when activated by the player, can change into random items including mana potions and cash shop items. In addition to those exciting events, players will also receive 10 firecrackers two days before Christmas (December 23).

"We are looking forward to our first holiday season with our the Priston Tale players," said Stanley Yu, CEO of Wicked Interactive. "Priston Tale continues to be a unique and entertaining game that keeps players coming back for more. We are sure our players will really enjoy the exciting holiday events we have planned for them this holiday season".

A fantasy-style MMORPG for the PC, Priston Tale was developed by Yedang Online. The game was first launched in Korea in 2001. In October 2008, Wicked Interactive took over the International servers for the game, providing technical updates and all-new customer support features for both the loyal,existing and new players alike. Priston Tale boasts a community of over one million players and continues to grow.

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