Below you will find a reference guide on all of the Clans & Classes featured in 9 Dragons. For a more detailed guide that focuses on advanced features, please refer to the WIKI

White Clans

Shaolin are a faction of monks who follow the ways of the Buddha. The Shaolin are noble, righteous and merciful, upholding good above all else. They believe meditation is a key aspect of Shaolin practices, and it is only through internal peace that one can find external strength.
“A disciple of Shaolin must vow to reform evil when he finds it and to bring peace where he can”
The League of Beggars is a loose collective of the downtrodden, the underhanded, the hidden. Members of this clan are carefree, relaxed, and friendly - they love drink and strive only to enjoy life. Many understand that material possessions are not the way to happiness.
“You could sit beggars one by one across the land and never see the end of the line! Take faith in our great numbers and be counted among the faithful!”
Wu-Tang is a sect of Tai Chi adherents. These fearsome warriors serve to bring balance to all things, following the way of Yin and Yang. Their hearts, minds, and bodies become one in administering divine justice upon the land. They are the embodiment of the Tao, instruments in its supreme will.
“The sword kills, not the disciple”

Black Clans

Sacred Flower is one of the few clans that hold women in higher regard than men. Founded by the Mistress of Chaos after being rejected by the Shaolin, she began her own order. Training its disciples in speed and dexterity over brute strength, Sacred Flower adherents are not afraid to shed blood if need be.
“If men rule the world, women must rule men!”
Heavenly Demon espouses power and mastery of the physical and elemental powers above all else. Its members train mercilessly and without end, striving for perfection that they will never truly reach. Through study of Blood, Phantom, Fire and Storm, they call upon demonic arts to reign terror on the battlefield, whether directly or through supporting others.
“A land governed by the depraved must be conquered through depraved justice. Only through fire may it be cleansed!”
The Brotherhood of Thieves are a group of bandits, brigands, thieves, robbers and any who would prey on others. Despite their underhanded methods, they are not themselves evil. Their goal is to overthrow the fat, opulent, corrupt officials which keep power consolidated, using the means available to them: subterfuge, stealth, and criminal activity, even if it means being labeled as outlaws.
“The Brotherhood is the hope born of poor people everywhere”


There are 5 classes a player can assume in 9 Dragons. The class determines the weapons as well as the abilities that can be learned within a particular clan.


Warriors are masters of their clan's main weapon and specialize in melee combat. They have the ability to inflict massive amounts of damage as well as withstand melee damage from enemies. They are weak aganist magic spells and are unable to learn healing abilities. They emphasize constitution, dexterity, and strength, while essence is harder for them to develop.

Strategist (Healer)

The strategist, more commonly known as the Healer, uses the clan's secondary weapon and specializes in buffing and healing abilities. As the Hybrid class has the same basic abilities as they do, the Healer is able to heal external and internal injuries, while the Hybrid cannot. They emphasize essence and wisdom, while constitution is harder for them to develop.

Chi Kung Artist (Nuker)

The Nuker is a specialist in the Chi Kung Arts (magic skills). They focus on dealing long-range attacks to their target, the majority of which deal high amounts of damage. They are ill-suited to melee combat and tend to be rather fragile due to having low defense. They emphasize essence and wisdom, while strength is hard for them to develop.

Holist (Hybrid)

The Hybrid uses the clan’s secondary weapon and does not specialize in any one ability. Instead, they are well rounded and can learn abilities from all three classes including, melee, magic attacks as well as buffing and healing spells. They emphasize constitution and essence, while wisdom is harder for them to develop.


A Vagabond is someone who does not join a clan, and as a result, does not learn any advanced techniques. They are, however, able to learn every weapon's basic skill. Due to them being clan-less, Vagabonds can travel to both Black and White clan maps without being killed by guards. Vagabonds usually carry a Sword or a Saber as Wu-Tang and Heavenly Demon teach basic skills for each one (respectively) without the need to join the clan. A Vagabond is considered a weak Warrior, due to not being able to heal or cast nukes (long-ranged attacks).