2014-11-20 |
Open Beta is now Live!!!
Our servers are now open for Open Beta! Come join us in game!
2014-11-14 |
Open Beta Begins soon!
We will be launching our new and vastly improved Open Beta version of Divine Souls at 5pm EST on Nov. 20th. Stay tuned for more details!
2014-08-15 |
Closed Beta Starts At 5pm EDT Today!
If you do not have a beta key already, grab one! Closed Beta starts at 5pm EDT today! Please note all character data will be deleted upon completion of Closed Beta.
2014-08-13 |
Game Client Is Now Available!
The game client for Divine Souls can now be downloaded here: http://installer.subagames.com/ds/DivineSouls_CB_3a.exe See you all when Closed Beta begin on August 15th - 5pm EDT!