Below you will find a reference guide on all of the Character Classes featured in Divine Souls. For a more detailed guide that focuses on advanced features, please refer to the WIKI

Character Classes

Specialized in short-range attacks.
Uses various grappling techniques as well as mixed martial arts abilities.
Weapon of Choice: Power Arm
A specialist in melee combat, the fighter is a destructive class that grapples and hits with powerful strength and stamina.
Uses a string of rapid sword attacks to inflict damage on nearby enemies.
Can perform extended aerial combos.
Weapon of Choice: Chain Sword
A specialist in quick combo and aerial attacks.
Specialized in long-ranged attacks that can instantly impact wide areas and numerous enemies at once.
Consequentially, class is weakest in melee combat.
Weapon of Choice: Magic Canon
A specialist in long-ranged combat using magic spells.
Has the ability to cast healing spells on the party.
Can cause abnormal status ailments to enemies using heavy Scythe melee strikes.
Weapon of Choice: Death Scythe
A specialist in healing and status effect attacks.