Below you will find a reference guide on all of the Character Classes & CTUs featured in Bounty Hounds Online. For a more detailed guide that focuses on advanced features, please refer to the WIKI

Character Classes

There is just as much power found in sticking to the shadows and striking with speed and precision as there is in brute strength. The Agent is a master at dodging enemy attacks and getting in close with precise, lethal blows that cripple and maim opponents. While enemies are focused on the bigger, more obvious targets, the Agent silently slips in for the kill, stunning and disabling their prey with an endless flurry of razor-sharp attacks.
When you need something utterly destroyed, you call a Gunner. Using the most powerful ranged weaponry available, Gunners specialize in explosives that can cause chaos and massive damage to opponents. On the battlefield, Gunners are the “artillery” that pound the enemy into dust while other fighters keep them at bay.
The Sentinel is an element-based, entirely fearless fighter specializing in close combat. Sentinels are resistant in battle and capable of absorbing enormous amounts of pain that would cause others to fall. Sentinels bash enemies into submission with their fist-based cestus weaponry. Their commitment to using shotguns at range shows they are concerned with one thing – getting up close and personal.
Even the best of fighters will fall in battle without a solid support unit to go along with it. The Medtech is a master of technology, using nanomachines to both harm and heal targets where needed. They aren’t slouches in combat, however – relying on tactics instead of brute strength, their dual melee blades and ranged crossbow attacks are more than a match for any opponent.
The Trooper is a fast and balanced front-line fighter designed for combat. Able to charge forward into battle at the speed of light, the Trooper possesses strong photonic defense shields. While this class primarily attacks at close quarters, they are not averse to using heavy machine guns at a distance should the situation require it.


Combat Tactical Units are support type units that assist soldiers on the battlefield.
There are a total of 3 CTU classes to select from, each specializing in either melee, ranged or defensive battle styles.

The Ironback series of CTU is focused primarily on guarding its master, even to the death. With a nano-reinforced exterior, it can take the hits so you don’t have to.
The Steelblade series of CTU is a powerful and deadly supporting unit focused which specializes in up-close attack power. If you want an enemy dead quickly, the Steelblade CTU is the one to deploy.
The Thunderbolt series of CTUs is a deadly ranged attacker that bombards enemies from a distance, covering you from afar while you do your damage up close.