Here's a quick reference guide to help you get started on your adventure on DOMO! For a more detailed guide, please refer to the WIKI

Character Creation

Pick your race and then your gender! Please note that each race has its own story arch and the game experience varies depending on which race you choose! Once you've selected a character, you may adjust your character's appearance.

Pick a Class!

All races start out as a commoner class which uses very basic equipment and you can only learn skills that can help you with collecting resources (ex: Mining, Fishing, etc.). Once you are level 10, you are ready to change your class and must do so at a career specialist before you change over. Once you've defeated the specialist, you can change your job and get a couple of cards to acquire starting equipment for the class.
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Adventuring together can foster strong bonds but also potential marriage! Once you've found a partner, you can both partake in lover missions together to build your relationship. In a relationship, you gain access to new skills and game experiences to add to the large world of DOMO! Once you're ready to "Pop the question", collect a set of rings to hold a themed wedding ceremony!


Break the boundaries of traditional MMORPG exploration by taking to the skies and flying across the world! Before you are ready to take flight, you must complete the quest "Learn How To Fly" by defeating the Flying Frog King in Swan Lake Basin (You must be at least level 15 to complete the quest). Landing can only be done at landing pads which is indicated by a light blue V on your map. You can take quests to help improve your flying speed.
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Jobs, jobs, and more jobs!

There are several quests you can take in DOMO each with their own requirements and rewards. Team up with others to complete the quest and reap the rewards together!

Your path of Life

After the intro sequence with the Mirror King, you meet with King Collins at the Summoning Pool who asks you which paths you choose in life (Hero or Fame) and (Monster or Peace). Make your choice wisely when prompted as it affects your path for the rest of the game and cannot be changed after you've made your choice.

Town and GM Events

Take a break from normal gameplay and participate in social events held automatically in town or take part in uber events held by a GM for great give aways and prizes!

Collection Skills

Use the following skills to gather materials for crafting at specific collection areas: Farming and fishing skills collect ingredients for HP and MP recovery items; Forestry gathers materials to make clothing; Herding gathers materials for robes and Dancer costumes; Meditation collects materials for weapons; Mining collects materials used to make Light and Heavy armor along with shields.


There are several different kinds of pets you can acquire! Some can level and evolve, some can fight by your side, some are ridable (And may be able to fly), and some are simply for vanity. For an in depth look at different pets and their benefits, please refer to the wiki HERE.

Devil Seal Cards

You may capture a monster to be summoned for your own bidding later by first weakening the monster and capturing them via Monster Trapping Mirror. Make sure that the monster is not a level higher than you and that it meets the requirement of the mirror being used. Monsters disappear after changing maps or logging off.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Maximum Group size is 6 players
  • When purchasing a goody bag, you can preview what items may appear
  • Some quests offer the option for the player to automatically move to it's destination to do the quest
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